About Shotgun Sports

The Saskatoon Gun Club is the only facility in the province of Saskatchewan that offers all of these shotgun sports in one location:

Whatever your interests, we have targets that will challenge your shooting skills as a shotgun enthusiast.

What Kind of People are Claybird Shooters?

The Best Kind! Men and women of all walks of life who believe in the safe handling of guns, who take pride in shooting well, and who enjoy competing with themselves and others for prizes, self-satisfaction, and self-achievement. In most clubs you will find a wide cross-section of wives, husbands, children and grandparents alike.

Why We Love Clay Pigeon (Bird) Shooting?

  1. It’s a great way to meet new people. Clay shooters are famously friendly and no matter your skill level, they’re just happy to have more people join the sport and take part.
  2. It’s a great stress reducer. No amount of essential oils can match the stress busting ability of smashing some clays. Even if you miss every shot, you are guaranteed to feel stress free after a round of clay pigeon shooting.
  3. Improves you reaction time. Clay shooting requires razor sharp reaction to excel. The more time spent clay shooting, the more honed your reaction time will be. Clay pigeon shooting is great for the brain as well as the body.
  4. Healthy Competition. Whether you’re competing against yourself, a friend or even a seasoned shooter clay pigeon shooting gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge your competitive side.
  5. The Great Outdoors. Who doesn’t like to get outside? Many of the Sporting Clay courses around the province feature scenic landscapes and exploration. Every venue makes the most of their surroundings. What other sport gives you the chance to enjoy views like this.

Recreational and Competitive Shotgun Shooting Sports in Saskatoon and Area