Getting Started at the Saskatoon Gun Club

Welcome to the Saskatoon Gun Club! We’re glad you’re interested in meeting us.

To be able to enjoy the ranges at the Saskatoon Gun Club you must fall into one of the following three (3) categories:

  1. You are member in good standing of the Saskatoon Gun Club
  2. You are a guest of a member (in good standing) of the Saskatoon Gun Club.
  3. Special Events (see New to Shooting Heading below) such as:
    • Introduction to Trap Shooting, or
    • a booked ‘trial’ with the Saskatoon Gun Club, or
    • you register and attend one of our open house nights, or
    • You are part of a booked Corporate/Group Event –> Corporate/group Event Information

Every new member, regardless of skill, are required to attend a Saskatoon Gun Club Orientation Session.

It is a prerequisite to have your Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) prior to becoming a member.

The cost of orientation is $60 and includes 25 targets and 25 shells. This fee also covers a tour of the facility, review of the rules and demonstration and verification of your safe gun handling.

Orientation sessions are scheduled weekly, Wednesdays at 6:30pm and can be booked and must be prepaid through the Calendar page. Link here –> SGC Calendar Page

The level and detail of orientation will be catered the level and experience of the shooter(s) attending. As a rough guideline the following could apply:

  • 10 minutes for experienced clay shooters from other clubs.
  • 20 minutes for an experienced shooter, but not from another club.
  • 30-60 minutes for first time gun owners.

Juniors (Under 18)

We have a free program available for Junior Shooters.  Full details available here.

New to Shooting or Wanting to Try Out Shotgun Sports

If this is you:

  1. You have a new PAL (firearms Possession and Acquisition License), or
  2. have not earned your PAL yet (or are in the process of obtaining it).
  3. You have never fired a shotgun (or maybe any firearm).
  4. You are wanting to experience a “shooting date” or just happened to see an advertisement and decided to try it!
  5. Or, you are interested in shotgun sports but never had a chance to try it before.

There are few special opportunities provided be the Saskatoon Gun Club that cater to new shooters, or those curious about the sport.

As mentioned above, these types of events are as follows:

Introduction to Trap Shooting

If you’re interested in learning how to trap shoot, we invite you to sign up for one of our introduction to Trap Shooting courses. They are scheduled once a month throughout the shooting season. For 2024 they are:

Dates: May 25, June 15, July 13, Aug. 17, Sept 9, 2024

You will be guided through the basics of trap shooting by experienced shooters in a safe environment.  Our experienced instructors will teach you the fundamentals of trap shooting, including proper gun handling and gun safety.

Cost: $50,00 for a round of trap shooting including eye and ear protection, ammunition, 25 targets and the use of a shotgun.  If you don’t have your own.
** Possession and Acquisition License (P.A.L.) not required during instruction.

Sign up on the Calendar Page here –> Calendar Page

A Registered trial

If you’re wanting a trial session at the Saskatoon Gun Club we can accommodate a trial session at some of our regularly scheduled events.

In most cases we can accommodate up to 2 people at the following cost:

  • $145/person – includes 50 targets/50 shells, gun rental, eye and ear protection, golf cart (if on sporting clay course) and experienced guide.

These sessions must be prebooked with the club. Call the club to setup your session at:

(306) 382-5315
(No answer if club not open)

Open House Nights

From time to time the Saskatoon Gun Club schedules Introductory sessions, or open house events open to non-members. These will be scheduled throughout the year and should be found on the Club Calendar once they’ve been scheduled.

Corporate/Group Event

Corporate/Group Events are managed and supported as their own entity and are subject to the terms of the event. For more information go here.

Recreational and Competitive Shotgun Shooting Sports in Saskatoon and Area