Getting Started

Welcome to the Saskatoon Gun Club! Getting started shooting at our club depends on your previous firearms experience:

Junior (Under 18)

We have a free program available for Junior Shooters.  Full details available here.

Experienced Shotgun Sports Shooter

You’re a seasoned shotgun shooter with previous experience in shotgun sports at other ranges.

There is no introductory fee and no instruction required – just check in and join a squad!

Seasoned Shooter, No Shotgun Sports Experience

You’re a seasoned shotgun shooter, have a PAL and appropriate firearms safety courses, and know how to use a shotgun, but have not previously shot at any shotgun range recreationally or competitively.

You will need a short introduction to the sport you wish to try. Read the Range Safety Rules. You will then be taken to a range by a director or range officer at the time and shown the etiquette of the game. There’s no charge for this introduction.

New to Shooting or Wanting to Try Out Shotgun Sports

  1. You have a new PAL (firearms Possession and Acquisition License), or
  2. have not earned your PAL yet (or are in the process of obtaining it).
  3. You have never fired a shotgun (or maybe any firearm).
  4. You are wanting to experience a “shooting date” or just happened to see an advertisement and decided to try it!
  5. Or, you are interested in shotgun sports but never had a chance to try it before.

If any of these apply to you, you will need to visit or call the club during open hours and PRE-BOOK a beginners session (available 1-2 times per month on scheduled dates). These are usually scheduled for Sunday mornings at 10 AM, and a few Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

We are obligated to be within arms length of new shooters to ensure your safety and ours, and we must be directly present to allow you to borrow or rent a firearm.

Cost: Refer to the non-member portion of the Membership and Costs page.

Recreational and Competitive Shotgun Shooting Sports in Saskatoon and Area