Club Rules and Safety Regulations

    Gun Rack
  • Do not load your gun except when at shooting position. If red flag goes up, unload your gun and wait until the flag goes down.
  • Load one shell only for singles or two shells for doubles.
  • Guns must be unloaded while changing posts.
  • Changing posts - walk behind other shooters.
  • Do not point gun at any person even though you know it is not loaded.
  • Carry your gun with breech open and muzzle pointed down. No empty shells in chamber.
  • No off shoulder shooting.
  • Only target loads to be used. Maximum powder charge 31/4 dram equiv. Shot sizes 71/2, 8, 81/2, 9.
  • Each shooter must have their own gun.
  • Empty shells on ground are property of club.
  • Loading and adjustments to trap machines to be done by authorized persons.
  • Club reserves right to refuse shooting privileges to persons with faulty firearms or ammo, or persons in impaired physical condition to handle firearms.