Corporate/Group Events Information

Saskatoon Gun Club hosts corporate or other group gatherings for a unique and in many cases completely new fun way to have a gathering or entertain clients.

We typically run trap shooting as that is the easiest to control and easiest for newcomers to learn how to hit moving targets. If the group is made up of seasoned gun owners and know how to shoot moving targets we can advance the level to Skeet, or Sporting Clays. Our rental pool of high quality guns can cover all scenarios. For Trap many people bring their own duck gun which is fine for the distances involved with trap shooting. The open chokes needed for the other games may still be in the realm of owners guns but can easily be taken care of from the rental pool as well.

We only have time for a limited number of events in a year due to our own high load of internal events and competition schedules. These will run from May 1 to Sept 1 for evening events and possibly a couple weeks longer for weekend daytime events.

We prefer to run them on Monday or Wednesday evenings - weekday daytime events may be possible on a limited basis.

What Does it Cost?

We charge $125 per person, with a minimum of 5 people ($625). That price includes:

  • Instructors to ensure safety and help your guests with their shooting
  • 3 hours
  • Use of the rental shotguns
  • 2 rounds (25 shots) of targets and shells per person

Additional rounds can be added on at regular non-member rates for shells and targets ($8 per round of 25 targets, $9 per box of shells).

Use of the kitchen and BBQ can be added for an additional $50 charge.

Ear and eye protection is mandatory on the range - we have ear plugs available or you can bring your own. Some form of eyeware must also be worn and we have a few we can lend out.

Cancellation Policy

A deposit of $625 is required to reserve a date.

  • 100% refundable if cancelled prior to 30 days before the event
  • 50% refundable if cancelled 15-30 days before the event
  • Non-refundable if cancelled less than 15 days before the event

Final billing will be based on confirmed numbers 1 week prior to event (including no-shows).

What We Need To Know

First, a date. Then, how many shooters.

We really need to know how many are first time shooters, or how many have no experience with firearms at all. Experience has shown that some new shooters tend to have had enough fun after only a few shots. Physics works and shotguns do kick. A positive attitude goes a long way to overcoming that, but the inherent fear sometimes blocks the instruction given to help alleviate the inevitable. We have good quality recoil pads and light target loads and a smaller frame 20 guage to help slight built people. If they come with the idea they will enjoy something new it will all be fine.

Give us as much lead time as you can and we hope to accommodate you for what many find to be a totally fun way to spend an evening.

For booking dates and any other info, please send a detailed email to and the club secretary will get back to you and sort the details out.